Buyer/Seller FAQ's
Buyer: Why should I buy Restwell / Spring Air?

All our specifications and quotations detail easy to understand information. You'll spend less time sorting through unwanted marketing terms, allowing you more time to make informed decisions that save you money.

We use the best components in the industry. All of our beds are hand build with attention to detail. This combination of quality and attention to detail insures your Restwell/Spring Air mattress set will perform for your valued customers at the highest level for years.

Buyer: I've always used coil counts to determine quality.

Coils counts are only one of many factors to be considered when purchasing beds; it would be like investing in a car solely because of the transmission. All components impact on comfort and/or durability, you should understand them, and know what they do. Our Account Representatives will help guide you through this process.

Buyer: Restwell/Spring Air's prices seem low, how can the quality be superior?

Good question! We keep our fixed costs down wherever possible, we don't have huge advertising budgets, but we strive to do what it takes to deliver value.

Buyer: Do we have to compromise between comfort & durability if money is tight?

We build comfortable, high quality mattress sets with comprehensive warranties for surprisingly little money.

Buyer: Aren't contract beds just stripped down retail beds without the frills?

Not at all, they are built stronger to withstand 'rental bed' abuse. We use only the best quality support components, and finish the beds with varying amounts of comfort layers.

Buyer: The firmer the better, right?

The trend in the hospitality industry is towards beds that are more comfortable, similar to the beds their patrons sleep on at home. Times are changing!

Buyer: Foam, or inner spring, which is best?

Personal preferences dictate foam beds can be very nice but innerspring is probably the better value. We build both!

Buyer: So, tell us how to decide which beds to buy?

Set your spending limits first. With the help of one of our Account Representatives, carefully compare components & warranties. If the specifications are vague, request more detail until your questions are completely answered. There are real differences if you take the time to look, and we guarantee very good beds at very good prices if you choose Restwell / Spring Air.

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